DEY 2020 Virtual Summer Institute

Tuesday, July 21 - Friday, July 24      4-6 pm EDT each day


For our 2020 Virtual Institute, we will host four panel discussions.  Invited speakers and a moderator will discuss issues related to the topic and answer questions from the audience.  At the end of the virtual institute, we will launch the DEY Protect Childhood Working Groups.  We will identify 3-4 working group topics and invite supporters to join a group. Working groups can produce the following: issue briefs, fact sheets, sign-on statements, petitions, legislation, town hall, and workshops for teachers/parents.

Click here for a description of each session.
Panel 1: Lessons Learned from the Response to COVID 19: Protecting Early Childhood Education - Tuesday, July 21st 4-6 pm EST

Panel 2: Childhood Trauma in the Time of Coronavirus; Teachers, Families, and Communities as Protective Factors - Wednesday, July 22nd 4-6 pm EST

    Panel 3: Reimagining Advocacy Post COVID-19: The Fight to Protect Childhood Continues - Thursday, July 23rd 4-6 pm EST

      Panel 4: Play as the Antidote for COVID-19 Trauma and Toxic Stress -  Friday, July 24th 4-6 pm

      Download Virtual Institute flyer here.