people’s march


Save Our Schools Coalition Set to March in DC on July 8th!

For the last ten years the nation has been subjected to failed education policies. These policies have launched a national attack on our urban areas and on our public schools.

On Friday, July 8th thousands of activists , parents and youth will converge on the Lincoln Memorial for a rally and march calling for change in public education.

The People’s March for Public Education and Social Justice is being organized by the Save Our Schools Coalition. (FB at save our schools coalition). There will be conference for activists and organizers on July 9th at Howard University.

Key Concerns are reflected in the coalition’s top six demands:

  • Full, equitable funding for all public schools
  • Safe, racially just schools and communities
  • Community leadership in public schools policies
  • Professional, diverse educators for all students
  • Child-centered, culturally appropriate curriculum for all
  • No high-stakes testing

Speakers at the Peoples March Rally include Journey for Justice Organizer Jitu Brown Dyett hunger strikers parents, education historian Diane Ravitch, union leader Barbara Madeloni, the DC Labor Chorus, and Moral Movement force Reverend Dr. William J. Barber. A coalition of education activists groups — BATS and UOO, grassroots parent and youth organizations, Journey For Justice and Newark students union, American Federation of Teachers and National Education Association — are mobilizing members and friends to march for social, racial and economic justice as the basis for education justice!
Denisha Jones, Geralyn Bywater McLaughlin and Ruth Rodriguez Ray will be there representing DEY and bringing the early childhood lens to the movement.

Join us on July 8th at the Lincoln Memorial in DC to build the movement to take back our communities and our public schools for the children, families and educators who deserve them!!!

On July 9th further the dialogue at The People’s conference at Howard University: Save Our Schools Activists Conference: New & Experienced Organizers Working together. There will also be a strategy meeting Sunday morning.