International Play Association (IPA USA) Receives DEY Mini Grant

The International Play Association (IPA USA) received a DEY mini grant that was used to redesign its website,, to provide an easy to navigate website that is mobile friendly and secure and that will allow IPA USA to:

  •  promote the Porch Play Chats
  • blog on current events, policies, and advocacy that promote play
  • provide access to some past issues of the e-journal
  • provide a sample of the Policy Briefs
  • provide links to its Facebook and Instagram pages
  • recruit additional State Play Advocates
  • publicize the Virtual Conference
  • promote its fundraising T-shirt

The mini grant also updated its members only section.

IPA USA, an IPA World Affiliate, is dedicated to promoting the child’s right to play and advocating for the adoption of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.