When It Comes to Picking An LA Preschool, Focus on Feelings and Language

by DEY

DEY Co-Director Blakely Bundy is interviewed by LA’s NPR about how to choose a preschool.


The first list of preschools I ever looked at for my then-not-even-one-year-old son included 87 institutions, and that was in Northeast Los Angeles alone. The organizations ranged from formal to informal to co-ops to play-based to Montessori to STEM to all manner of hybrids. Some were tightly aligned with teaching or development philosophies. Some used words I’d never heard before.

Needless to say, I slammed my computer shut and mentally shelved the issue until such time as I felt emotionally strong enough to revisit it, which was at least two months later. But I wasn’t alone in my brief panic — for people with very young children, deciding whether and where to send them to preschool can be daunting.

To that end, an anonymous reader sent us this timeless question:

“How do I navigate finding a preschool in L.A.? There are so many options and I don’t know how to wade through them or pick the right one! Should I really even be worried about this? As long as he is safe, does it really matter all that much?”

The good news is that parents needn’t quit their day jobs in order to conduct a county-wide search. Instead, choosing the right environment for your lil’ nug requires making some thoughtful decisions based on your family’s financial and logistical needs, your child as an individual and several simple, science-backed factors.

Read the full interview here.