DEY Fall Events and Information


Here at DEY we strive to understand the complications and confusions that many of you are facing around the implementation of the Common Core. To support early educators and to help shed some light on this critical topic, DEY will be hosting a session titledCognitive Development and the Challenge of Common Core Standards at NAEYC’s Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida. Diane Levin will be the facilitator and Lilian Katz, Constance Kamii and Joan Almon will be our presenters. As soon as we know the time/date of this sessions – and other DEY related sessions – we will let you know. The conference dates are November 18 – 21.

Dr. Denisha Jones to speak at DEY’s 3rd Annual Organizing Meeting for Early Childhood Activists on Friday, Nov. 20th
We are thrilled to have Dr. Denisha Jones of Howard University joining us for our third annual organizing meeting of early childhood activists. Dr. Jones will share her expertise in organizing and advocating for young children. We will be hosting what promises to be an inspiring meeting on Friday, November 20th from 6:00 PM – 7:30 pm. Exact location in Orlando, Florida to be announced – so stay tuned.

FairTest is pleased to honor Harvard Law Professor Lani Guinier and Lesley College Professor Emeritus Nancy Carlsson-Paige with the Deborah W. Meier Hero in Education awards. Please join us for the ceremony to recognize these two fighters for equity and high quality in education and society.When: Nov 11, 2015, from 6:00 – 8:30 PM
Where: Multicultural Arts Center, Cambridge, MA
More details coming soon.

Look for an op-ed on preschool suspension from DEY’s Diane Levin and Denisha Jones – we will share the link as soon as we have it. Also, we will be publishing our Open Letter to NAEYC in response to their spring reportDevelopmentally Appropriate Practice and the Common Core State Standards: Framing the IssuesStay tuned!


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