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Defending the Early Years publishes reports about current issues in early childhood education and education policy, written by national experts in the field. We also publish shorter position papers and fact sheets about current issues, giving advocates up-to-date information, research, and statistics.
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A Statement in Solidarity by Defending the Early Years

We at Defending the Early Years are deeply saddened and troubled by the continued assault on Black lives that claimed…

DEY Platform, Written in 2012, is Still Relevant

[This post was originally published August 13, 2012 on] Note: DEY’s Senior Advisor Nancy Carlsson-Paige and our National Advisory…

Op-ed: How Do We Help Children Cope with Fear of Nuclear War?

by Susan Linn (published in the 9-27-17 issue of the Los Angeles Times) Read the full op-ed by clicking here.

Defending the Early Years publication in The Washington Post

New Study Backs More Academic Rigor for Preschool. Oh, Please.

DEY Senior Advisors Diane Levin and Nancy Carlsson-Paige are quoted in Valerie Strauss’ column, The Answer Sheet in the Washington…

DEY Fact Sheets

Fact Sheet on Testing and Young Children

In today’s world, preschoolers, kindergartners, and children in the early elementary grades are required to take many tests throughout the…

DEY Fact Sheets

Fact Sheet for Families on Testing and Young Children

Children in today’s preschools, kindergartens, and early elementary grades must take many tests on rote skills and facts. This has…

DEY Fact Sheets

Hoja informativa sobre los exanenes y los niños jóvenes

En el mundo actual, los preescolares, los niños en kindergarten, y los niños en los primeros grados elementales están obligados…

DEY Fact Sheets

Hoja informativa para familiassobre las pruebas y los niños pequeños

Los niños en los preescolares de hoy en día, los jardines de infantes y los grados elementales tempranos necesitan tomar…

DEY -- Selected standards from the Common Core

Constance Kamii’s Critical Look at the K-3 Common Core State Standards for Math

Today we release a new report, Selected Standards from the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, Grades K-3: My Reasons for…

Defending the Early Years -- What Parents Need to Know

What Parents Need to Know about the Common Core

SIX REASONS TO OPPOSE COMMON CORE STATE STANDARDS FOR K-3RD GRADE 1) The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are developmentally…

DEY -- What parents should know about Common Core in Spanish

Lo Que Todos Padres Deben Saber


The Disturbing Shift Underway in Early Childhood Classsrooms

  This morning, Valerie Strauss posted a DEY op ed on her education blog “The Answer Sheet” at The Washington Post….

Do Young Kids Need to Learn a Lot of Facts?

  At the Washington Post yesterday Valerie Strauss published Do young kids need to learn a lot of facts? This essay by…

A Tough Critique of Common Core on Early Childhood Education

A Tough Critique of Common Core on Early Childhood Education  by Edward Miller and Nancy Carlsson-Paige Published in The Answer…

Teachers’ Voices: How Ed Policy is Hurting Early Childhood Education

  In case you missed it, DEY wrote an op-ed for Valerie Strauss’ column titled The Answer Sheet at The…