The Summer Institute



Our annual event brings together early childhood educators and advocates from across the country to develop a thoughtful and dynamic grassroots advocacy platform and action steps that support the whole child, respects child development, and recognizes the importance of play so that all children may experience a just, equitable, and quality education and future. Our community comes together to learn from each other, share what is working and build stronger platforms.

DEY’s 5th Annual Summer Institute

What Works: Learning from Early Childhood Educators, Advocates, and Researchers


This year we wanted to acknowledge the people, actions, and practices that get us closer to ensuring all children have a just and equitable early childhood education. We recognize the challenges and will continue strategizing on how best to overcome them, but after five years, we believe it’s time to focus on the solutions. How are educators engaging in best practices to support young children? What wins have advocates made to improve systems of early care and education? How can the latest research have a positive impact on our practices? If you missed any of the institute we invite you to watch the recordings.

Past Institutes

2o22 Summer Institute

JUNE 27 – 29, 2022


Early Childhood in These Times: Equity, Policy, and Practice

We convened a group of scholars, practitioners, and researchers to discuss strategies to ensure all children have a just and equitable childhood. 

2021 Institute Panelist

2021 Summer Institute
June 28-30, 2021


Where we had three days of theoretical, practical, and inspirational discussions with some of the leading voices in early childhood education and early childhood advocacy.

DEY Institute

2020 Summer Institute
July 21-24, 2020


For our 2020 virtual Summer Institute; a gathering of educators, parents, researchers and activists to advance ECE priorities. We hosted four panel discussions with speakers such as Diane Ravitch, Michelle Gunderson, Josh Golin of the now Fair Play for Kids, Takiema Bunche Smith, Erika Christakis, Peter Gray, Keisha Reid and so many more.

First Institute Gathering

2019 Summer Institute
July 7-10, 2019


DEY’S first early childhood summer organizing leadership institute — a huge success!

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