What Parents and Teachers Really Want from One Another

A back-to-school wish list has both sides looking for bettercommunication.DEY Senior Advisor Diane Levin is interviewed by Joanna Weiss for this article published in the 9-27-17 Education Issue in the Boston Globe.


Across the schoolyard and the classroom this time of year, relationships are blooming, filled with big plans, high hopes, and fraught expectations. I’m talking, of course, about parents and teachers.

That partnership, based on the best intentions, can be glorious: I’ve wanted to nominate some of my kids’ teachers for sainthood. Still, scratch the surface of the home-school divide — as I recently did with some teachers, parents, and experts in the field — and you’ll find plenty of gripes, large and small. Parents complain about school-supply lists so long they extend across state lines. Teachers complain about overbearing requests to
renegotiate grades.

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