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“Arts South Dakota believes all children in our state should have the opportunity to experience and participate in art forms that enhance life-long learning by expanding curiosity, creativity, team-building skills and self-worth. Partnering with the South Dakota Arts Council (SDAC), we work to raise the standards and extend the reach of arts in education through schools and organizations across our state by offering programming such as Arts Education Institute, ArtsCorr, POETRY Out loud, and general advocacy and awareness.”

Arts South Dakota offers various art education resources on their website, such as published articles, music education resources, state guidelines regarding the arts and visual thinking strategies in the classroom. Their advocacy efforts include letters to local, state, and national delegation, available information such as “Advocacy 101” that offers tools and tactics to talk to one’s school board, city council, state and national legislators to help make everyone’s voice heard.

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April 4, 2021
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