Connecticut Senate Bill 36

For the school year commencing July 1, 2021, and each year after, each local or regional board of education chall include in their policy or procedures regarding the collection of unpaid charges for school meals, “1) a prohibition on publicly identifying or shaming a child for any such unpaid charges, including but not limited to delaying or refusing to serve a meal to such child, designating a specific meal option or otherwise taking any disciplinary action against such child; 2) a declaration of the right of any child to purchase a meal, which meal may exclude any a la carte items of be limited to one meal for any school lunch, breakfast, or other such feeding, and 3) a procedure for communicating with the parent or legal guardian of a child for the purpose of collecting such unpaid charges, which communication shall include, but is not limited to A) information regarding local food pantries, B) applications for the school district’s program for free or reduced priced meals and for supplemental nutrition assistance program administered by the Department of Social Services, and C) a link to the Internet web site maintained by the town for such school district listing any community services available to the residents of such town.” 

The Bill also outlines that any regional board of education “may accept gifts, donations or grants from any public or private sources for the purpose of paying off unpaid charges for school lunches, breakfasts or other such feeding.”


Food Security For Young Children
Submitted on:
May 3, 2021
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