Legislative Session Brings $750 Million in New Funds for Child Care and Early Learning Programs.

“Minnesota is putting more than $300 million in new spending toward early childhood initiatives. An additional $252 million for early learning scholarships, which is an annual scholarship worth up to $8,500, will go toward the child care or early education program for two years. The goal is to cap child care spending to 7% of a families’ income, the national standard set to deem child care affordable.”

“We need to establish the principle and recognition that this work is a public good,” said Pinto. “We pay for early learning and care once a child is five; there is no reason we shouldn’t be doing that when a child is younger.” The job of a child care provider, he says, is the lowest wage you can get with a high school diploma, and it shouldn’t be.  Pinto estimates the extra funds from this program translates to $400 extra per month for a full time employee.

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Funding For Early Childhood Education
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July 25, 2023
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