Another Play Advocate Joins the DEY National Advisory Board – Welcome, Kisha Reid!

Denisha Jones Interviews Kisha Reid about How She Became Involved in Early Childhood

We are delighted to welcome Kisha Reid to the DEY Advisory Board. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Kisha as an amazing play advocate and passionate early childhood provider. I look forward to working with Kisha as a member of the advisory board. To help you get to know Kisha better, she took the time to answer a few questions for this month’s blog. We hope you will join us in welcoming Kisha to DEY!

Denisha: Tell everyone a little bit about yourself. Where do you live and what do you currently do in the field of early childhood education?

Kisha: I currently reside in Frederick Maryland, about thirty minutes from Poolesville, Maryland, the small town where my program is located. I founded and still teach within my licensed childcare program for children twelve months to twelve years. Discovery Early Learning Center is a child centered and play-based program focusing on the whole child. Outside of my daily work with children, I work with adults who are interested in providing a more child-centered and play focused program. Consulting, coaching, presenting workshops, keynote speaking , and moderating an advocacy group are a few ways that I support the further development of play-based programs for children and families.

Denisha: How did you first get involved with Defending the Early Years?

Kisha: In 2013, I attended at NAEYC conference and was invited to attend a sort of spin off night session hosted by DEY. At this point, I had never heard of Defending the Early Years, but the name spoke to me. This also happened to be the same year I had opened my program and I was hungry to be surrounded by others who were passionate about Defending Childhood. At that meeting, I felt so uplifted and inspired. From there I began to follow DEY. Over the years, I have continued to speak up, share, and contribute to the complex community of play advocates on social media. This advocacy work brought me full circle and in some of the same spaces as Defending the Early Years. I am pretty sure when you joined my advocacy group, Play Empowers, the stars aligned there. One of the first projects that I was asked to do with Defending the Early Years was a panel discussion at the Defending the Early Years NAEYC organizing meeting much like the one I attended the first time we met four years prior.

Denisha: Why did you agree to be on the DEY advisory board?

Kisha: I agreed to be on the board of DEY because my work with Defending the Early Years has amplified my important message over the years. I am so passionate about everything that DEY stands for and making our collaboration official just seems like the most logical next step. The organization is so organic and propelled by a unique group of passional women who’s understanding of early childhood aligns with mine.

Denisha: What do you hope to accomplish working more closely with DEY?

Kisha: I hope that together we are able to reach a wider range of educators, parents, and anyone who spends time with children. I hope to contribute to the comprehensive collection of documents supporting the importance of developmentally appropriate practice as well as the growing library of mini documentaries. I hope to bring some of my more progressive ideas about education to the for front and help Defending the Early Years propel their message using my knowledge of what is right for children. I also hope that I can connect other early educators to all of the wonderfully produced documents and resources found on the DEY website.

Want to learn more about Kisha? Check out here Teachers Speak Out video here.

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Kisha Reid