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Defending the Early Years presents

Audrey Duck Tells Dr. Susan Linn "I'm Tired of the Virus!"

Defending the Early Years presents

Dr. Susan Linn and Audrey Duck Talking about the Coronavirus

Guidance for Supporting Young Children Through COVID-19

This Guide contains resources and recommendations for parents and educators, including supporting play, communicating with loved ones, establishing routines, thoughts on screen-time, and how to talk to young children. Please download the PDF and share with others.  No other permission is needed.


Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood's Webinar:

Social Distancing as a Family: Screen Time Strategies and Resources for Parents of Children Under Six

featuring DEY's Nancy Carlsson-Paige, pediatrician Dr. Mark Bertin, and CCFC's Jean Rogers as moderator

Defending the Early Years and Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood's Webinar:

Social Distancing for Early Childhood Educators

featuring DEY's Nancy Carlsson-Paige and Kisha Reid.  Moderated by Jean Rogers from CCFC.


Grandparenting during COVID-19

The Ties that Bind: Forging Loving Relationships between Children, Parents, and Grandparents During the Pandemic

by Judith Van Hoorn, Pete Van Hoorn, and Rebecca Wheat

Additonal COVID-19 Resources We Love

  • Rusty's Backyard.  An entertaining look at backyard play and learning and how to set up an adventure playground in your own backyard.  By natural playscape designer and author Rusty Keeler.