DEY Responds to Utah Senator’s Guest Essay on Online “Preschool”

Recently, Senator Stuart Adams, President of the Utah Senate, wrote a guest essay about his endorsement of the Waterford UPSTART online “preschool” program The essay appeared in the 2-28-20 issue of Deseret News. Like many well-intentioned, but uninformed lawmakers, he believe that he and his fellow senators have found a low-cost alternative to brick and mortar preschools with well-trained teachers and an engaging curriculum. Unfortunately, we at Defending the Early Years and other early childhood educators know that this is not the case.  In fact, such online programs are actually harmful.

DEY Director Blakely Bundy wrote to Senator Adams explaining why online “preschool” is not a viable alternative to real preschool.  Read her letter here: Letter to Senator Adams of Utah 3-10-20

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