Parent Voices, San Diego Chapter


Parent Voices, San Diego Chapter -- DEY Grantee

Grantee: Sarah Krueger, Education Enrichment Systems, San Diego, CA

Description of how they used their DEY mini-grant:
We are happy to report on the success of our Parent Voices program sustained by the grant we received from DEY. On January 21, 2017 EES held our first meeting with 11 parents in attendance. From then on, our team of powerful and engaged parent ambassadors attended bi-weekly leadership trainings that will culminate in a certificate of completion at their final meeting April 15, 2017. Trainings consist of presentations led by EES staff members and qualified guests, alongside meaningful discussion and planning among participants. The purpose of these trainings is to prepare parents to be able to knowledgeably and effectively speak out to the legislature about real issues affecting childcare in California. After completion of the last training, parents will serve as leaders in our schools and the community and
gather others together to speak out in support of affordable early education at the Stand for Children Day on May 10, 2017 in Sacramento, as well as at other events throughout the year.

The funds from DEY helped us toward providing meals, snacks, childcare, and a facility for each of our meetings. With the support of DEY, EES has helped establish a group of strong, inspired, and prepared parents ready to go out into the community and fight for their children.