Moving Beyond Remote-Controlled Teaching and Learning

DEY invites you to check out Diane Levin’s latest blog entry on Wheelock College’s Aspire website.
Diane wrote the article because of her deep concern over the extreme misfit she is seeing between so many of the early childhood school reforms currently underway and who the young children of today really are.
Here is a snippet:
[A]s young children are controlled more and more by media and technology—what I call “Remote Controlled-Childhood”—they have a hard time constructing knowledge through the process described below. But instead of giving children what they need, today’s education policy makers are responding by mandating remote-controlled approaches to teaching and learning—rote teaching of easily testable isolated facts.
What remote-controlled young children really need is help becoming deeply engaged in the creative learning process described below so they become life-long learners and problem solvers. And all of us who care about promoting the wellbeing of young children can take an active role in working to create early childhood programs that do this.
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