ALL Children Need Play

by DEY

by Jim St. Clair Jim St. Clair is a former kindergarten teacher in New York and Boston.  He is a member of Defending the Early …

February 2020 DEY Newsletter

by DEY

Fighting for play in Illinois.  DEY’s Summer Institute.  Nancy Carlsson-Paige’s work in Guatemala. To read about those stories and much more in the February 2020 …

September 2019 DEY Newsletter

by DEY


Play is so central to healthy human development that pediatricians are increasingly writing play “prescriptions” for their young patients, and play is considered a basic …

The Five Principles of Anji Play

by Denisha Jones

Part two in my five-part series on true play will focus on the five principles of Anji Play. Founded by Ms. Cheng Xueqin, the Director …

What is True Play?

by Denisha Jones

true play, Anji Play, the play revolution in China and the U.S.

As a play advocate and a protector of childhood, I was immediately drawn to learning more about the play revolution, true play, and Anji Play. …

Ready 2 Read Centers


Ready 2 Read Centers, DEY Grantee

Grantee: Pamela Hamlin, Family Literacy Specialist in the Youth Services Department of the Prince George’s County Memorial Library System (Largo, MD) Description on how they …